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Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ceylan Jayne Morgan - Asia has taken a big spot in my heart since I can think. This is my playground, here and nowhere else I take the freedom to not only share my work but also fancy likes and language learning and journey with you. Welcome!

Let me know! Ask me! Message me! Enjoy!

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Motivational Podcast Release

Hello everybody! Jayne here,

this has been in my mind, since probably two years now. The principle, that I am working on for myself right now, is to finally do things that I always wanted to do, one by one, no matter if I feel ready or not. Major thing of what I always wanted to do, is to finally reveal what I have been studying and working on. As one of my favorite principles say that

knowledge is only potential power. Knowledge is not power, until you make a use of it.

Also as Les Brown once said “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”- Les Brown

Feel empowered and enjoy the podcast. I always love to hear your feedback.

Best Ceylan J. Morgan

New Section – Heal Yourself


Some of you may have noticed that I have added a new section which goes under the title “Heal Yourself”. There have been so many things, that I wanted to do since a very long while. The reason I went hidding for a while was because I was preparing for everything. But now is the time! While I am trying to upload new articles in support for your soul, I will also be holding speeches in real life.

Some may remember me joining Herbalife. Not that It doesn’t have to do anything with my music career, I will make sure to link my activities with my networking marketing team, to my music career.

Thank you for your messages, they always motivate me to keep updating more.



Ceylan J. Morgan

The Power [Acapella] Updated version.

Forgiving You [Acapella] I Jayne Morgan [Ballad/Pop](Teaser)

[NEW] Start Again [Acapella] I [Dance/EDM]


I wrote this last year, for somebody else and just made a re-edit. It was a toplining project, so I had a track to it, but I am only uploaded the acapella to it, because the track isn’t mine. Hope you still like it.

Keep your eyes open for more, I am composing and recording my own songs right now.

Interview with a kpop online magazine

Check out my interview with the Kpop online magazine “Kpopeurope”. BIG THANKS TO THEIR TEAM for their support!20142

Business Website Online!

I made it! The business website is finally online. For more please check out the link.

Please support me and keep your eyes open for more.

Click on the picture to get to the page!

I’m Sorry [Full Song]

Finally! I didn’t think I would put this song up, but I kind of ended up working on the song until I was satisfied with it. I know It’s very repetitive but seems like people like it especially because it is so repetitive.

I hope you like it. I like the acapella version better than the full song. I am new into composing. I’ll practice hard and create some dope songs later. PROMISE!

Keep your eyes open for more.

composing now…



“Stretch yourself. Over the next 90 days, do something new that will challenge you to grow. Make it a point to develop different business contacts; form new relationships; and expand your friends and colleagues beyond your present circle. These should be people that you can grow from mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Seek out positive and inspiring relationships. Find multiple ways to stretch yourself. Decide to grow in at least two areas of interest that will stimulate your mind; challenge your creativity; and increase your value. You have the ability to impact others, and the capacity to do much more in your life ~ so go ahead..S..T..R..E..T..C..H yourself!! You deserve”! ~ Les Brown

(Picture explanation ) I am working on getting these cellphone recordings together into songs. There is some really great stuff I am very excited to finish.

Regarding the quote I posted. My soul is screaming to improve in playing piano and start composing songs with midi. I want to learn these two things so badly, so now I am getting more into action. Also I’ll totally get on working with other musicans now.

Wildfire // JENI // SBTRKT ft. Drake & Little Dragon

the content of this website


Yes, the picture is me. Until now I’ve helped others creating themselves, but my time has come now. I’m about to start promoting and releasing my own stuff.
But I am a multi-artist, doing so many stuff at once, I am having a hard time keeping this website clean and clear from my

  • work section
      • I am a singer, songwriter, photographer
  • fashion section
      • I love make up and fashion so I want to create my own styles and share with you things I created  and like
  • korean (learner) section
      • As a Korean learner I get asked alot about “how to learn Korean” I want to help you guys and share with you interesting storys books and advices
  • advice section
      • I love to help others growing, I am interested in personal development and psychology. On the scale from number 0-10 to desribe my struggle and depression in the past I was at 0. I’ve had only everybody putting pressure on me, but because I wanted to learn about music I had to fight and get up. Fortunately we’ve got the internet to research, so I want to support/inspire people to develop their personaliy, show them how I did it and feel free to become the person they want to be.

You see I am very verseatile and this makes most things much more complicated for me, I am having a hard time handling my own personality *laugh*. But I love it!

I am trying my best to design this website as clear as possible, if you think there is something missing, then tell me.

Which is you favorite section? What do you think is missing? What would you like me to write about more? What do you like to see more? Should I post more videos and pictures? Do you want more photographic work of me?

Leave me a comment!

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