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It’s getting serious!


I posted photos on my official website from the Songwriting Camp in Netherlands. Most of us were tired on the second day, I myself had only 10 hours sleep for 3 days, I think It’s even visible on some photos, I’m just warning kkk.

It was great anyway, I was able to gain an overview through the event, now I have a better vision on what to do next.

Keep your eyes open, although it may take me a little while, I will make sure to announce some big news when it ‘s time.

Interview with a kpop online magazine

Check out my interview with the Kpop online magazine “Kpopeurope”. BIG THANKS TO THEIR TEAM for their support!20142

Video Message in Korean

This was on my to do list for a while. This was actually ment to be for my business website http://jnemusic.com as an index video.

Have fun watching.
Keep your eyes open for more!

[new lookbook] christmas tale


Check out my profile for more! http://lookbook.nu/look/5678438-Christmas-Tale

[NEW SONG ] Take my love I Jayne Morgan (After School – Flashback)

THE Power [New Demo]

I don’t want to fall back into that situation where I only work on improving myself. I always keep in mind to always put out some stuff. I am putting this up for now. I am practicing even more now, I aim to get more into composing. I am relearning music theory and ear training which is actually very helpful when writing music. I neglected my daily vocal practice routine cause I was songwriting and composing. I am having a bad conscience now. Anyway I hope I can show you more and much greater stuff in the future.

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Intro: No matter where you go I will follow you to everywhere you lead me to

Verse: Sometimes I am blinded and kept on the ground of this world Sometimes I can’t hear when you’re speaking to me Sometimes I wonder where you you are leading me to Sometimes I doubt but I still keep going on cuz

Hook: Your energy Your power Your love

Your energy Your power Your love is what makes me

go on, on you are the only one that can make me go on, on, on, on

Verse; Sometimes I fall back again to the point were I can’t even stand thats the time I wonder when will you lighten up my world

Hook: Your energy Your power Your love

Your energy Your power Your love is what makes me

go on, on you are the only one that can make me go on, on, on, on


I got the request to provide my songs as downloads, so I am planning to do that in the future. I didn’t even think of that, but that’d be a great idea. That was just as example of all the things I could improve on this website. TELL ME what you are missing or what you are interest in the most I’ll consider it putting on my TO DO list.

If you are looking for a way to contact me, you can comment here or message me on Facebook, I’ll reply unless the message contains something inappropriate.

[Lookbook.nu] Back to Black

I decided to make a post on lookbook since It seems to take me a little longer to upload new music.

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I am on Lookbook.nu

I always wanted to do this! But I didn’t have the guts to try it out until now! I am going to teach my 14 cousin about photography, so by time, she’s gonna improve and I am going to get more comfortable with posing. We are definitely going to improve SO…

keep your eyes open for more!

This is my profile http://lookbook.nu/jmorgan

Business Website Online!

I made it! The business website is finally online. For more please check out the link.

Please support me and keep your eyes open for more.

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